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Our Features

You can view online visitors to your website instantly and send them any message.

With the help of extrenal free API you can check the expected location of visitors. API details are written in config file of script.

When you are not logged in the script then your visitors can send you offline message.

You can check all visitors history with visitor location detail, last web page visited and chat history or offline message.

There is no limit to chat with number of visitors instantly.

You can add unlimited operators who can provide online support to your visitors.

You can add unlimited departments and then assign these departments to the operators .The visitor will select the department from the chat window and the operator corresponding to that department will chat with the visitor.

You can redirect the visitors to any location.

You can block any visitors with whome you don't want to chat.

  • Show  
  • online/offline :

You can you can make yourself invisible to the visitor i.e you can show yourself offline while you are online.

Visitor can send Chat transcript to their email

Detects the visitors Browser.

Visitors can fill their details in th chat window such as Name And Email

Why i need this?

Increase your customers' trust to buy your product or services.
Increase support quality by instant messager
Allow one customer support representative to handle multiple Live
Chat requests concurrently Convert your visitor into customer by
making trust that you are always there to assist them.

Why from us?

100% source code with no encryption. mean you can customize
or modify it according to your requirement. One time payment.
No need to pay every month. You can remove our brand back link.
Reliable price according to features.

How it works?

After purchase we provide you complete application files to download.
you have to install it on your server (we also provide free installation,
if you need) Login in to installed application and you will get a small
javascript code. which you have to add into your website pages.
Now you can see who is online at your website and start chat with visitor.

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